ATTN: ALL Real Estate Investors... 

Take advantage of a well-structured corporation to buy more properties EASILY and achieve your investment goals FASTER.



Dear Real Estate Investors,

  • What are your long term goals?

  • Are you a small business owner?

  • What are your investment strategies?

  • How much risk tolerance do you have?

  • How likely are you to leave your portfolio to your kids?

Real estate is a powerful investment tool.


I started my investment journey when I was a young chartered accountant who knew very little about investing.


I started by buying one student rental in my personal name. In the same year, I bought 2 more student rentals with two different partners but also in our personal names.


I didn't know that I would be building a portfolio of investments at the time and didn't realize that I should have placed them in the corporation to protect my other businesses. 


I also did not know that the more properties I have registered in my name, the more difficult it would be to get financing as this had a negative impact on my mortgage qualification.


I didn't realize I could have used the tax deferral available in a corporation to my advantage and use CRA's money to invest for myself.


Knowing what I know now, there are so many things I would have done differently.


I want to help other investors avoid the mistakes I made.


I take real estate investors down the yellow brick road to achieving their investment goals FASTER


I have met with thousands of real estate investors and worked with hundreds of them... 


Many investors who have jumped on the incorporation train without proper guidance will tell you a different story.


In my experience, It is important to give all the facts you have to a qualified accountant that knows the real estate investing business inside out to make an informed decision for you.


Because let’s face it...

  • You don't want to make any big mistakes.

  • You want to do it right the first time and avoid years of false starts and wasted money. 

  • You want to hit the ground running and start achieving massive success and growth in your investing business right off the bat.

  • Review your family and financial situation

  • Determine what your current tax position is

  • Establish your long term investment goals

  • Walk you through what we are proposing to do and the steps involved

  • Offer the most relevant service packages based on what you are looking for, what you are trying to achieve, growth goals, expectations in your business etc.

Real estate investing is a lifestyle… it has to be a long term investment goal for you.


You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a qualified accountant figure out the perfect corporate structure for your business…


Or you can spend hours trying to figure it out yourself.


The problem is… if you miss any important step, the CRA will be on your a## faster than you can imagine and you will end up spending even more money!


You may be wondering… How much does this Strategic Consultation cost?

The Strategic Consultation is Perfect For You If You Want To:

  • Buy at least 5 rental properties over the next 4-5 years

  • Lower overall income taxes possibility

  • Limit legal liability

  • Enjoy the tax deferral opportunity available in a corporation

  • Protect the longevity of your investment career

  • Be in the real estate investing game long term

  • Split income with lower income family members

  • Fully leverage the benefits of whole life insurance

  • Save and grow your portfolio faster so you can achieve your investment goals faster

Still on the fence? Check out what other investors who have worked with Cherry are saying...

As a real estate investor, Cherry and her team set me up with the proper structure to effectively manage my properties and make tax season run a lot easier. I get lots of advice which is greatly appreciated. I truly recommend their services

J. MacPherson

My husband and I have a small portfolio of commercial and residential properties. Some under personal names and some under various numbered companies. Luckily for us, Cherry and her team are super knowledgeable and experienced with dealing with real estate investors. With their expertise, not only do we file all our corporate and personal taxes every year, they are always looking out for ways we can tax plan more effectively. We are thankful to have their support and guidance as we grow our business.

M. Lee

Cherry Chan and her team serve the need of property investors since they are also investors. They focus on what is relevant and value adding. They stay current and keep us informed of what to avoid and what to pursue. We are happy we found them and become part of our team.

G. Crooc

Investing in Real Estate is a Big Investment! It makes no sense to leave the details of those investments in the hands of someone who does not know the business when it comes to taxes. I know I can rely on Cherry and her team for my peace of mind.


Cherry, Joanne and the rest of the team have taken great care in helping me grow as an investor and developer.  I feel confident that I have the support I need.

S. Ford

I headhunted Cherry Chan a few years ago after going through several accountants.  Cherry has helped me plan the tax structure of my business and has saved me thousands of dollars.

S. Ratcliffe

Building Wealth Together,


Cherry Chan