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How To Maximize Your Real Estate Portfolio And Minimize Tax

As a Real Estate Tax Accountant and the founder of Real Estate Tax Tips, I’ve worked with:


HUNDREDS of Real Estate Investors...

and met with THOUSANDS of them…

And Here's What I've Learned:

The Biggest Secrets To

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From: Cherry Chan

Oakville, Ontario


There is a big difference between having a real estate investing business


And having a real estate investing business that is actually making you money (wouldn't you agree?).


As a Real Estate Tax Accountant, I’ve had a rare opportunity to analyze many real estate businesses, see what's working and what's not working... 


Trying to find out why many investors are paying more taxes than they need to, giving a large percentage of their profits to the CRA overtime...


Trying to find out why tax season is a massive anxiety trip for many investors…


Trying to find out what made some investing businesses successful while others flopped...


I took everything I discovered while studying hundreds of investing businesses and put it all in this e-book.

This e-book will help you turn your real estate investing business into the ultimate tax saving machine - maximizing cash flow and minimizing taxes.

This e-book focuses on the investor’s special requirements in the eyes of the CRA and reveals:

  • How to save thousands and avoid an audit by knowing which expenses can be deducted


  • Anxiety free tax seasons made possible by proper record keeping

  • How to confidently navigate the tax implications of rent-to-own properties, AirBnBs, and investing in new builds


  • Simple bookkeeping practices for your joint venture partnerships

If you want to STOP paying more taxes than you need to and FINALLY RELAX during tax season, then you need this e-book right now (for the sake of your sanity and your cash flow)!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover

inside this e-book:

  • Basic Taxation 101

    • Personal Tax

    • Corporation Tax

    • Tax Integration

    • Income versus Capital

  • Ownership structure

    • Personal ownership/Sole proprietorship

    • Partnership

    • Corporation

    • Joint venture

  • Real Estate Investment Deductions

    • Top ten deductions for real estate investors

    • Membership

    • Home office expense

    • Meals & entertainment

    • Automobile expense

    • Keeping an Autolog

    • Deductible automobile expense

    • Should I lease or buy?

    • What if I use my vehicle for both my self-employed business and my rental properties?

    • Purchasing a vehicle with your real estate corporation

  • Startup costs

    • Capital cost allowance
    • Repairs & maintenance
    • Gift cards
  • Principal residence

    • Recent CRA Audit Initiatives on a principal residence

    • Renting out a basement or using a portion of your home as a business

    • Cottage

    • Little known 4-year extension on a principal residence

    • Preserving interest deductibility when converting Principal Residence to a rental property

  • Special Cases

    • Rent to own taxation

    • Buying and selling new built

    • HST on new builds

    • Right or Wrong Things to Do Paying Your Contractors Cash

    • Guide to Airbnb taxation

    • Joint Venture Accounting

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  • How to grow your rental portfolio before you hit the wall

  • How to protect your personal assets in a corporation

  • How to pay less tax through a proper corporation structure

  • How Real Estate Accountants can help you solve this puzzle

And so much more!

Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what others are saying on about "The Complete Taxation Guide To Canadian Real Estate Investing"...

And here is what two extremely successful Canadian real estate investors say about it…

Cherry excels at taking accounting questions and scenarios and breaking them down into plain English. It’s a refreshing change to have someone so clearly outline different scenarios on matters that can often cause confusion for people

Nick Karadza

Broker of Record, Co-founder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc., Awarded Profit 500–Canada’s Fastest Growing Company 3 years in a row.

Cherry Chan’s insights into accounting for real estate investors are must reads for me. Clear, direct and accurate, exactly what every investor needs.



Don R. Campbell

Investor, Author and Philanthropist

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you enjoy the e-book and video training!

Your Real Estate Tax Accountant,

Cherry Chan


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