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One proven strategy Real Estate Agents can use to save time and money in their business is:


Understanding the tax laws that govern their real estate business and knowing how to navigate them.


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My NEW BOOK titled:

“Complete Taxation Guide for Canadian Real Estate Agents”

Let me explain what the book is about and how it will help you...

  • Tax Fundamentals every real estate agent MUST KNOW - basic principles to our Canadian tax system.

  • The pros and cons of incorporating as a real estate agent.

  • The tax benefits for incorporating depending on a person’s circumstances

  • 11 Common Deductions You Can Make as a Real Estate agent and the criteria for deduction

  • The impact of Harmonized Sales Taxes on your business

  • How to use “Quick Method” to file HST returns quickly and accurately and the Conditions you must meet to qualify to file using the Quick method

  • 4 biggest tax mistakes I made during the first year of managing my business and how to avoid them

  • The Other Side of Real Estate Investing Nobody Talks About

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And here is what two extremely successful Canadian real estate investors say about Cherry…

Cherry excels at taking accounting questions and scenarios and breaking them down into plain English. It’s a refreshing change to have someone so clearly outline different scenarios on matters that can often cause confusion for people

Nick Karadza

Broker of Record, Co-founder of Rock Star Real Estate Inc., Awarded Profit 500–Canada’s Fastest Growing Company 3 years in a row.

Cherry Chan’s insights into accounting for real estate investors are must reads for me. Clear, direct and accurate, exactly what every investor needs.



Don R. Campbell

Investor, Author and Philanthropist

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